Fix My Computer

A broken computer can be a nightmare, whether at home or at the office. A virus or malware attack, a hard drive failure, or any other issue, getting your PC or Mac fixed use to mean finding an authorised repair shop and taking the machine to them.

Now there is the convenience of having the specialist visit your home or office, and fix the problem instantly. That is what we at Computer Geek Services do! We are your reliable mobile computer repair service provider in Christchurch, catering to all types of PC, Mac and smart device repair, maintenance and installation issues.


To have your computer, printer, scanner or any other attached device stop working, means loss of time, productivity and money. You need to quickly find a computer repair service that is fast, reliable and cost effective. You need a computer repair service that will come to your door, sort out your problem and get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Our onsite computer support service eliminates all of your headaches! Just give us a call or send us an email and our experienced technicians will come to your place to diagnose and repair the problem. Experts in small business computing, our Computer Repair Service is available in Christchurch and the surrounding areas. Why waste time taking your computer or laptop to the shop, when an experienced technician can come to you.

We can troubleshoot and repair most common problems onsite with one visit. Any work that cannot be completed onsite is completed in our Christchurch workshop and delivered back to you at no additional cost!


One of the most common problems with both old and new computer systems is the failure of hard drives. It may come as a surprise, but over our years of experience we have found that almost all hard drives will fail at some stage (from no fault of your own). This means that if your important data is only stored on your computers hard drive, there is no assurance that it is safe and it could be lost at any time.

Our Computer Geeks can suggest and install backup solutions that will make it easy to recover any files or data lost. This can include automated backup, cloud storage solutions and computer to computer file synchronization. Don't wait till it is too late, get an expert to ensure your documents are safe from any disaster that may occur.

However in the eventuality of a hard drive failure, you can trust us to help recover your important data. Our technicians are experienced in the techniques and use of software designed to recover data from failed drives. In most cases we can extract the data, replace the Hard Drive and get you up and running again.


Have you purchased a new computer? Are you finding it difficult to setup the hardware, or understand the new operating system? Setting up that new laptop or desktop may take several days before you are ready to make the most out of your system. Our in-home repair and installation technicians will visit your home to make your task easy and fast. We will setup all the hardware and software programs that you may require and give you advice and instruction on how to best use the new system.

You will not have to struggle with configuring the system yourself. We can handle everything from installing the printers and anti-virus software to setting up your internet connection and transferring your files and email from your old PC. We can also transfer all your files from the old computer to the new system.


Virus attack is simply the biggest threat looming over all computer systems. You may never know that your PC is infected until there is a outbreak and your system suddenly stops working or locks you out. If you notice any strange behaviour, if your computer (or even network) is behaving strangely, it may be a virus attack.

If you suspect your system is infected, feel free to call us. We recommend you not to handle such a situation yourself, as you may trigger further spread of the malicious software. We will not only remove the virus, we can also repair your system and help you prevent any future attacks.

If you have any issues with your PC, Mac, iPad or smart phone, feel free to contact us on 03-980-3846