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New Zealand Streaming and

OnDemand Video Services



TVNZ ondemand


TVNZ OnDemand is where you can catch up on your favourite New Zealand TV shows that you may have missed or just want to watch again.

TV ONE  -  TV2  -  TVNZ 7  -  Heartland


TV3 OnDemand


TV3 On Demand offers premium international and local shows, to the New Zealand TV3 and C4 audience.

The keystone of the new service is the upgraded video player, offering viewers a TV-like experience with higher HD quality video.

TV3  -  C4  -  News


ecast - NZ streaming video site

ecasttv is an Internet Television network built and owned by New Zealanders. The line up includes some very popular video on demand channels such as exstreamtv and the official Archives NZ TV There are also live streaming news channels targeting niche audiences.

ecast  -  Exstream TV  -  Archives NZ  -  Hot Science


Ziln - New Zealands Internet TV Network


Ziln is free to access for anyone with a broadband connection. This service links the audience with a potentially limitless amount of targetted live streaming and View On Demand TV/video content.

Ziln  -  Airside TV  -  Fish & Hunt  -  Pet TV


Best World Wide Streaming and

OnDemand Video Services



YouTube streaming video


Everyone Knows YouTube, the #1 video sharing website online.

YouTube is the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience.

YouTube  -  Popular  -  Comedy  -  Music



Blip is the place to discover the best in original web series, from professional and up-and-coming producers. Blip gives viewers free access to a wide variety of dramas, comedies, fashion, sports and other shows and make it easy to find what you want when you want it.

Entertainment  -  Tech & Gadgets  -  Comedy



TUBE+ is a huge archive of free full length tv shows and movies you can watch online. As well as our huge collection of video streams we also offer trailers, reviews and more.

TUBE+  -  Movies  -  TV Shows



StupidVideos is a viral video website dedicated to humorous, off-the-wall videos, including wild stunts, wacky animals, sports bloopers, funny commercials, song and dance parodies and more. Our videos are submitted to us by users like you, licensed from our partners, or produced by the StupidVideos staff.

Stupid Videos  -  Animals  -  Stand Up Comedy



Wildlife Documentaries

Sit back with hours of Documentaries about the natural world.




Quite simply, Miro is a free application for channels of internet video (also known as 'video podcasts and video rss).

Miro is designed to be easy to use and to give you an elegant fullscreen viewing experience.

There are thousands of free internet video channels that you can watch. You'll be able to download all the videos that each channel offers and when new ones are released, Miro will grab them automatically.

Unlike tiny videos on websites like YouTube, Miro videos are usually very high quality and look great when watched full screen. Since Miro downloads videos completely before you watch, your videos will never skip or stutter while they are playing.




Forget about the format wars. Miro can play MPEG, Quicktime, AVI, H.264, Divx, Windows Media, Flash Video, and almost every other major video format.



Since Miro works so well for HD content, you'll find lots of video that looks beautiful in fullscreen on even the largest displays.



Miro can search and download from the biggest video sites including YouTube, Yahoo!, Google Video, Blip, and more.


The built-in and web accessible Miro Guide is a full-featured web service that is simply the most intuitive, most elegant, and most useful catalog of video RSS feeds anywhere.






Download free podcast and webcast channels from around the world.

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